Search Engine Marketing is all about promoting your web site on Major Search Engines. There are thousands of active Search Engines on the Internet, but when we formulate eMarketing strategy for Search Engines, we focus on top three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN. These three major search engines drive more than 90 % of the total web traffic

B2B Secrets

A B2B marketplace directory or business-to-business doorway is an index of businesses where companies engage into business dealings with the help of the electronic commerce arena. The turn of the phrase of B2B marketplace sustains enormous significance in all the automated exchange dealing showground. An automated dealing method is a ...

Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking to make more money online through your business or website? Like with any good money making venture, you will need an affiliate marketing strategy. Your own affiliate marketing strategy will depend on a couple of different aspects, and you have to make sure that your strategy is suited to you and your needs. Affiliate marketing strategies ...


Most business opportunities require a large cash investment before your first customer walks through the door. Then you have to spend a fortune in advertising to attract customers. But with eBay, you can list an item for sale in minutes and have buyers from all over the world come to you! eBay has more customers than any other website on the planet ...

E-Commerce Using B2B and C2C Marketplaces

By: Eng. Khaled Mohamed Khaled & Eng. AbdelRazek Mohamed Khaled

Content of the Program:

  • How to export , import and market your Products , Services and information Using the internet
  • How to get your audience easily and in a short time
  • How to be E-commerce specialist
  • How to use online e-marketplaces to get your customers worldwide
  • Keyword research and content analysis tools
  • Work at home using B2B marketplaces